Performance, no exceptions
High performance Dual or Quad Motors
Up to 80km range battery life
On board display and gear drives
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1089 Wh / 180A

Huge range / Insane battery power

2WD or 4WD

Dual or Quad motor setup

80 km/h - 50 mph

Maximum speed


In selected Countries

It looks and feels amazing!

Each part of Plutonium is designed with performance and durability in mind. The board, the motors, wheels and axles all use the same design that puts usability, performance and ease of maintenance in mind. With a single push, you put the board to life. Plutonium is made to look right and to feel amazing.

On board display

On board display installed over front truck (Davega)

UI to see speed, battery lever, power, range, cell voltage data from canbus bms

Wifi connection for easy updates and to upload ride statistics

Session stats and Lifetime stats


Deck made with Triax fiberglass and Bamboo for ultimate durability

Drop down so you can put your weight on the rear under hard acceleration and the front under hard braking

Split angle for ultimate stability with cable risers

42” long deck with big standing platform which gives you comfort and stability at high speeds

The deck has been cut out in order to make room for the huge battery inside

Gear drives

Precision made gear drives with extremely high quality

No belt that can snap or skip over cogs under heavy braking or acceleration. Leads to a safer an smoother ride

Needs very low maintenance. Only some grease a couple of times a year to keep the sound low

Helical gears for lower sound

Angular contact ball bearings to sustain the axial loads

Longer range and better freeroll thanks to lower resistant in gears compared to belt


Safest electric skateboard battery

12s6p 40T 1089wh = extreme range and extreme power

High discharge cells: 72 pcs of Samsung 40T cells

Air space between the cells for lower temperatures and longer lifetime

Cell holder with precision cut nickel which makes it impossible for a short circuit due to sharp nickel edge

Double security: Discharge fuse and charge fuse

Dual battery system, build in 2x12s3p with 2 Bms

Canbus connected bms integrated in battery pcb to monitor cell voltage (Special version of Flexi Bms)

No cables for safe and clean install with battery pcb that have: bms, trace for discharge, balance, canbus


Precision cnc baseplates with 7075-T6 Aluminum made with 0,005 mm tolerance

Precision cns hangers with titanium shaft

Bushings and pivot made by the best bushing manufactory in the world: Riptide sports

Wide amount of options of durometer of bushings for the perfect stability and carve for your weight

43° rear baseplate and 49° front baseplate for ultimate stability on high speed

Super wide 260/270mm hangers which gives you confidence and stability at high speeds


You can choose what type of wheels you prefer:

Torqueboards 110mm Street Wheels
MBS T3 8” AT wheels with Fatboy Rims

Torqueboards 110mm Street Wheels:

Large 110 mm wheels for stability. Makes riding on bad roads much easier

With the wide 65mm wheels you get better grip and traction

Super soft. Almost like riding on clouds

MBS T3 8” AT wheels with Fatboy Rims:

Fantastic tread with multi-terrain functionality – great for high speed and on bad road surface
Split center bead along with a relatively flat profile puts a lot or rubber to the ground

Its’ center channel helps to divert water in wet conditions and its’ T3 Knobs provide excellent grip in soft terrain such as loose dirt and wet grass, or on harder terrain with low tire pressure

Big 200mm Tyres to ride over most things – You can worry less of road cracks

Precision CNC machined rims from two pieces of aluminium

Solid Core hubs are produced using CNC milling machine from a solid hunk of extruded aluminium that has been T651 Heat treated (Aerospace-grade quality) all of which is constructed & connected together using marine grade stainless steel nuts & bolts which lets to provide absolute precision and rigidness for those bumpy roads.

Remote control

You can choose the remote that fits your style:

VX1 remote:
Hoyt puck remote:
APS Trigger remote:

VX1 remote:

Battery indicator for both the remote and the board

3 speed modes

Vibration alerts rider if remote battery is to low

Hoyt puck remote:

High quality remote designed in US

Puck design for easy hold in hand

3 speed modes

APS Trigger remote:

Trigger remote that is popular in Eskate racing

Fail safe mode that will make throttle enter neutral position if signal lost or remote battery gets to low

Low voltage led indicator

Ride statistics on smartphone

You can choose what mobile app you prefer:

Metr app
Stormcore App

Vesc app

Official VESC app

Change unlimited amount of settings

Change modes

Available for Android

Metr app

Advanced ride statistics with possible to easy upload and share

Make a Metr account to see all your rides in a calendar in web browser!

Unlimited amount of ride modes

Change over 200 advanced settings in expert mode!

Available for both Android and Iphone

Stormcore App

Clean and good-looking UI

Se board and ride info in a easy way

Change mode easy and fast

Available for both Android and Iphone

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our goal is to design, build, and offer the best electric skateboards on the market. No compromises. No limits. No excuses. We aim for the highest performance available, the best build quality possible, and the best customer experience achievable.

This is why we offer ongoing support, maintenance and best available parts for our electric longboards.
USD 2.900-4.000


High performance  4500W Dual/Quad 6396 Motors
Bioboards  42"  Deck
Trucks   Precision   CNC made
  TB streetwheels   110mm
  AT Fatboy precision rims   MBS 200mm T3
72 cell  Samsung   40T battery
Range up to   80km
Top speed up to   80km/h
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