Metr Pro Bluetooth module

                The best bluetooth module available for electric skateboards motor controllers based on VESC Metr Pro is probably the most advanced telemetry app for electric skateboards.  measure current, voltage, RPM, speed,...
                $49.00ex VAT
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                Precision Baseplate with kingpin

                Precision cnc baseplates with 7075-T6 Aluminum made with 0,005 mm tolerance  The baseplates is the base layer, or foundation of the truck. It’s mounted to the deck with 4 bolts. The kingpin and the pivot cup can be found on the baseplates. Our babeplate is made out of hight quality aluminium for maximum strength.  Specifications: 43° and 49° angle to choose between Green...
                $65.00ex VAT
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                Powertrain Street

                Extreme high-quality power train complete with 6396 motors, precision trucks, TB 110mm Wheels and helical gears  Due to the high number of orders, the delivery time is longer than normal. Expect...
                $1,400.00ex VAT
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                High speed 8"AT tyres

                Do you mostly ride on asphalt?These tires will give you longer range thanks to a flatter surface and have more accurate manufacturing to avoid unevenness at high speeds. Specifications: 8″...
                $119.00ex VAT
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                MBS T3 8 AT Tyres Black

                The design of the T3 tyre builds upon the tried and true performance of the T1 by using similar tread elements in new ways. The result is a great new tread with...
                $115.00ex VAT
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                Bioboards 46 Deck

                46” long and 11” wide longboard deck designed for electric skateboard  Designed by Bioboards for maximum stability. Drop down design so you can rest your weight on the rear under heavy acceleration and...
                $400.00ex VAT
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