Information on board capacity:

  • Range: Up to 31 miles
  • Top speed: Up to 42 mph
  • Uphill: 30%
  • Rear-wheel drive


  • Motors: 2pcs 6374 engines with extreme performance of 3600W which will be 7,200W in total engine power! Sealed to resist bad weather!
  • Battery: 48pcs Samsung 30Q packaged in a 12S4P package that can deliver a total of 80A – Samsung 30Q is the world’s best battery for electric skateboards!
  • Drive: 2 gear units with gear ratio 1: 2.6 in aluminum encapsulated for protection against water, dirt and keep the grease in place. The cover over the gear is in hard plastic.
  • Board: Landyachtz Switchblade 36
  • Motor control: 1pcs Dual Unity that can withstand 80A continuous motor current per motor thus a total of 160A (1 unit can control 2 motors)
  • Truck base: TB218
  • Truck axel: TB218
  • Enclosure: Bigben SB36 Enclosure
  • Wheel: Abec 11 Superfly 107mm
  • Pivot och bushings : TB218
  • Remote control: Nano X
  • Bluetooth module: Built-in Focbox Unity
  • Weight: 25,7 pounds

Other features:

  • Battery display
  • On/Off button
  • 4A Fast charger
  • Extreme BMS  that can handle up to 100A discharge
  • “Push to start” – You can put the board down on the ground and the board will automatic start when it begins to roll
  • Bluetooth connection to mobile so you can change settings, view and save rides directly in the mobile – There is an app for both Android and Iphone

* Top speed and range are indicated up to these values. Top speed depends on wind, road surface, weight, exact motor KV and slope on the road. Range depends on wind, road surface, weight, slope on the road and driving mode (speed/acceleration)

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 20 cm

Focbox Bluetooth, Metr Pro Bluetooth module

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EU, USA, Australia, Canada


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Complete Electric skateboards with battery is available to order for all EU countries, USA, Canada and Australia.

Orders to USA, Canada and Australia adds 2-4 week extra shipping time due to its not possible to ship them with battery overseas so they will be shipped to USA where the battery will be installed and then shipped to customer. Shipping to USA, Canada and Australia will be with DHL to USA then from USA to the customer will be with FedEx.

That is why there is an additional cost to order it to the United States, Canada and Australia. It is to cover the cost of double shipping and that our external partner builds the batteries and installs them for us.

You can also choose to order the skateboard without a battery and send it to you directly and faster. Use this option only if you are technical and know how to build and install a battery or that there is locally someone who builds and installs batteries.

Please note that special warranty conditions are available on skateboards without battery. For more info see the product description. This option can be sent to all countries.
You will find complete electric skateboards without battery here: Here

Always read the terms carefully before ordering and using our products you can find these: Terms

The following is also important information before buying an electric skateboard:

  • The laws differ in all countries, so read carefully and follow the laws that apply in your country.
  • Always wear full protective equipment when walking on an electric skateboard ie: Approved helmet (recommended is one that covers the entire face), knee protection, wrist protection, elbow protection, back cover and preferably motorcycle suit
  • Here you can find protective equipment to buy: and here you can find motorcycle protection gear that fits perfectly with skateboards with: motorcycle clothing #? pl & t = 1
  • Follow the traffic rules for your and others' safety
  • Over 20 km / h drive only on fenced area
  • It can be directly dangerous to fall on a skateboard even at low speeds, so do not drive over your own ability and take it easy on unknown roads
  • Stay and go or drive extremely slowly in turns where you do not see the other part of the turn
  • Show respect for others around you, they can hurt themselves if you fall on them!
  • Do not drive injuries or be affected by drugs
  • Do not drive in the dark without proper lighting
  • You are responsible for yourself how and where you drive, we take no responsibility for it

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