Plutonium Titanium screw kit

                Titanium screws with torx head. Bioboards logo on all screws and nuts. Anodized green to make your Plutonium stand out! This kit includes: 4x m3 12mm Titanium screws torx head...
                $110.00ex VAT
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                Firedry Backpack

                FireDry the best backpack for e-skaters Not only is it waterproof and durable it also includes several easy accessibly pockets and keeps you safe.  Due to the reflexes, and the...
                $109.00$135.00ex VAT
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                Gear Bumper

                Protect your gears from scratches off stone and bad road surface  Tired of getting scratches and ugly dents on your geardrives? This is our solution in order to protect your drives as much as possible.  Specifications Made with TPU material for longer durability without cracking from stones hitting the...
                $19.00ex VAT
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                Riptide Sports Bushing kit

                High quality kit with RiptideSports bushings for your choice and feel  Includes all the bushings you need for both the front and rear trucks. The kit comes with 6 bushings so that you...
                $80.00ex VAT
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                VX1 Remote

                VX1 remote with alot of features and proven high quality connection  A top pick among the DIY community. It has a rubbery, high quality feel to it and the LED’s show both the battery for your e-skate and the controller.  Specifications:  2.4Ghz band width  Support 3 speed modes  Support cruise control mode   Remote and E-skateboard power...
                $59.00ex VAT
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                Hoyt Puck Remote

                Hoyt St Midnight Puck is a high-quality remote designed in US proven by many riders to be the most reliable remote on the market The precision and feel of the textured...
                $149.00ex VAT
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